Services for property owners

Myfortes Real Estate company will develop an individual marketing strategy for selling of your property, including professional photo and video shooting, production of brochures and 3D tours, publications on the website and in our own Myfortes Magazine. Promotion of the company's website in different languages allows you to reach the largest number of potential customers.

Without making it hard for you, the specialists of our firm will meet at a convenient time for you to discuss the possibilities of cooperation: to advise on the estimated value of your property, as well as on the possible terms of its lease.

Property owners choose Myfortes Real Estate because we work with reliable and creditworthy tenants and buyers, the list of which is constantly updated. We note in particular that, at your request, we are ready to provide customer reviews of your property.

Our powerful marketing strategy and unique access to high-end customers through our network of international partners around the world help you quickly find the right customer. We guarantee you our responsibility for the full support of the deal: from showing the object to signing the final contract. We provide you with prompt feedback at each stage of the transaction.

Individual local real estate agent service

Myfortes Real Estate agency offers full range of services for real estate. Our experts regularly monitor current prices and can offer the client the most convenient and suitable option. We guarantee transparency of the information provided, qualified assistance and recommendations before each step, comprehensive assistance and explanations, which guarantees the security of the transaction.

  • We meet all your requests
  • Perform real estate market analysis
  • Schedule appointments and showings
  • Draft and prepare documents, such as offers, contracts and closing statements, communicate with lenders and home inspectors.

We organize construction, reconstruction or improvement works

More than 5 years of stable and professional experience in the field of luxury real estate makes us a reliable company, which has established an intensive and competitive network of partnerships. Our company can guarantee its clients the purity and legal security of transactions.

The advantage of the Myfortes Real Estate agency is in the simplicity and transparency of communication, which is primarily manifested in honest relationships between all participants in the process of buying a home, guiding buyer through the closing process, openness to new ideas, useful undertakings and a sincere desire to make every client satisfied. We guarantee complete confidentiality to our clients.

After-sales service

Myfortes Real Estate company has integrated its activities with the provision of after-sales services, construction management of the acquired property, as well as property management. These services fully meet the new market demands, and their goal is to provide the client with a full range of services that do not end with the purchase of property.

Myfortes Real Estate puts at your disposal its professional commitment, experience and attention to the needs of the client. Cooperation with leading construction companies, architects, designers allows us to provide the client with quality services in the field of “Turnkey” construction and repair work. We clearly organize the entire process of completely renovated and new construction from the initial design to the assembly of furniture.

In particular, the services of our company include searching for and coordinating the work of specialists at the facility, conducting tenders and consistently concluding contracts, organizing design, repair and construction work of any complexity, managing construction, assisting in resolving all bureaucratic issues, administering and managing real estate.

Get access to exclusive real estate

Myfortes Real Estate company will offer you for rent carefully selected, prestigious residential and commercial properties in Forte dei Marmi, guaranteeing competence, confidentiality and individual approach for each client.

What makes our company different from others?

We offer our clients not only to rent a dream place, but also to solve all the problems with the moving, providing a comfortable stay in Italy.

That’s why our agency together with Myfortes company has developed a line of additional services for you - a concierge service. This means that after the conclusion of the lease agreement, you can count on the comprehensive assistance of the manager assigned to you. They will provide you with any support, whether it is finding a babysitter for your child, transfer from the airport, organizing a sightseeing tour, finding the necessary goods, booking a table in a restaurant, renting a car or much more.

  • We will find property according your requests
  • We will search and select the best options
  • We organize viewings
  • We will prepare a contract and make a deal
  • We will personally check the house before your arrival and provide any service upon request (make purchases for arrival, order a transfer, deliver a rented car to arrival, etc.).

Contact our specialist to use the property search service.

Myfortes Real Estate offers property owners a secure yet unique marketing strategy for selling and renting properties.

Having a coordinated marketing program is key to successfully attracting a serious potential buyer for your property. The Myfortes Real Estate website provides a wide range of marketing tools to maximize the reach of potential buyers and present the best ones directly to sellers.

We do everything to ensure that you can sell or rent your property as profitably and quickly as possible.

Myfortes Real Estate:

  • advises on market conditions
  • correctly assesses housing prices
  • the first in Forte dei Marmi to start making 3D tours
  • makes professional photo and video presentations using a drone
  • advertises the object in its own publication, in social networks and on the website
  • sends out mailings to interested parties

Myfortes Real Estate is the only real estate company that publishes its own magazine, the first of its kind. The publication reflects the luxury lifestyle and introduces new interesting offers and services. The magazine is published once a year, distribution is addressed to Myfortes and Myfortes Real Estate clients, among which there are TOP 100 Forbes of Russia.

Myfortes Real Estate company actively interprets modern technologies.

By introducing the latest service and marketing technologies, we make Forte dei Marmi market as progressive as possible.



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